Entrepreneurial Moms of Vancouver Founding Members VIP Event

Title: Entrepreneurial Moms of Vancouver Founding Members VIP Event
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Description: To celebrate we’re inviting our Founding Members of Entrepreneurial Moms of Vancouver to a special complimentary cocktail event to help us de-clutter for spring with an amazing Entrepreneurial Mom and best-selling author as our host!

What would your digital life look like in the physical world? Imagine your overstuffed email inbox as a closet, or your PC desktop covered in random files as your kitchen counter. Frightening, isn’t it?

Discover how to de-clutter your digital life over cocktails, canapés and conversation at The Refinery on Wednesday, May 4. The evening’s host is Kathy Buckworth, an incredible Entrepreneurial Moms veteran speaker, award-winning author, award-winning author, and broadcaster and mom of four, as Microsoft Canada Technology Advisor and proud mother of twins Ruth Morton shows us how Hotmail and Windows Live can help us sweep away e-clutter in seconds.

About Kathy Buckworth

Kathy Buckworth is a mother of four kids who only has two hands, and one of them is usually holding a glass of Chardonnay. She is also an award-winning writer, television personality and public speaker, with numerous publishing credits in both national and local magazines and newspapers. The BlackBerry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood was released in April 2009 by Key Porter to rave reviews. Her new book, Shut Up & Eat: Tales of Chicken, Children & Chardonnay was released by Key Porter in March 2010, and is available on Amazon.ca or in bookstores across Canada.

Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-05-04
Cost: FREE for Members

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