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Entrepreneurial Moms International™ (EMI) is the premier global networking community created for and exclusively serving the mom entrepreneur and work-at-home mom communities across the globe.

We welcome Entrepreneurial Moms planning to start or already running their own businesses, as well as those moms who have always had the “business bug” and don’t quite know how to get started. Together with our media partner, MOMeo Magazine, our aim is to connect, support, educate, promote, inspire and empower moms in building a business while raising a family.

Who Are We? – On the Record

We believe that support is about more than just the right information at the right time. That’s why we support our members through local chapter meetings and learning events, expert how-to articles and discussion forums, and our online community in all facets of their lives. Community leadership, philanthropy, personal integrity, inspired parenting, and impassioned living are our tenets.

Who Are We? – Off the Record
A personal note to you from EMI Founder, Christie Schultz

Seeking to support moms who dream big, I founded EMI in April of 2008 when my own entrepreneurial bug was biting. While at the playground, gymnastics class, or waiting to pick up her preschooler I found myself drawn in by fellow moms’ chit-chats about their self-owned businesses. Realizing that these moms had much to share with one another, I began building an infrastructure and a forum for Entrepreneurial Moms to hear speakers on topics relevant to entrepreneurship and motherhood, promote member companies, and to share everything from referrals for incorporation lawyers, to kids’ play places with wireless internet hotspots, to tips on how to balance kids, partners, and entrepreneurial passions.

My ongoing inspiration comes from the beautiful essence of EMI and its unrivaled spirit of support and respect that its members have for one another. Since EMI’s birth, our members have grown immensely both individually and collectively, and both professionally and personally. Incredible ladies to begin with, these dynamic peers continue to inspire one another to shoot higher, go deeper, and laugh harder. I founded Entrepreneurial Moms to selfishly be surrounded by the most fantastic collection of women I could amass. From our first magical meeting, the sheer capability, talent, intelligence, dedication, and unbridled diligence of these fellow mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs have continued to astound me.

Choosing the difficult path of entrepreneurship, juggling sometimes very young children, and full responsibilities and home, it is fair to say that these are perhaps amongst the bravest women I’ve known. In our midst are the dream-chasing leaders, butt-kicking achievers, boo-boo kissing nurturers, and high-fiving cheerleaders of one another who are shaping our world and leaving it a better place. At the core are wonderful women who have bonded and grown together, many of whom would give the shirt off their back for a fellow EM member in need.

EMI has been my heart’s passion since its inception, and I wake up grateful every day that I could pour my energies into serving the world in this way- through the Entrepreneurial Moms whom I once only admired and respected once from afar. It is a truth I know like few others, that “your playing small does not serve the world” (a quote by Marianne Williamson).

With EMI I – in fact, we all – can be a vessel for the message of hope for women everywhere who perhaps think that the time for their dreams has passed, because they’re now moms. Nothing could be further from the truth. My spirit soars when we can have a hand in the success of a mom of four in launching her dance academy- a grown woman who, as a little girl, dreamed of doing exactly that. That mom then sets an example for her own children to never give up on their dreams, and that with perseverance all things are possible. That’s a lasting impact, and having a hand in something that lasting is like an elixir for me.

It is said that women hold up the sky, and I believe that sky is vast, open, and full of stars for which moms everywhere can reach!

Thank you for visiting us! May all of your big dreams come true!

Christie Schultz

Where We Are

Supporting moms in business in over 30 local chapters and around the world

Entrepreneurial Moms has over 30 local chapters plus our Entrepreneurial Moms International virtual online Global Membership for our members who work and live around the world and need a virtual network to support their online businesses.

Our US chapters include Austin, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Maui, New York, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, and Tampa.

Our Canadian chapters include Calgary, Cold Lake/Bonnyville, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Guelph, Langley/Surrey, London, Ottawa, Prince George, Red Deer, Richmond, Saskatoon, Sunshine Coast, Toronto, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, and York.

Our International chapters include Brisbane, Australia and our Virtual Global Chapter.

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