Business Building Block Roadmap

What’s the difference between success and failure? Planning and FOCUS!

As the old adage says: If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? That’s why we put together an e-course that walks you step-by-step through building your one-page business roadmap guided by MOMeo Magazine Publisher Carla Young. Includes a one-hour audio course and fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

Use this one-hour audio course and fill-the-blank worksheet to:

• Set strategic priorities and break them into focus themes

• Identify and laser focus on attracting your target market

• Identify your core competencies and the key differentiators that will make you stand out from the crowd

• Create a Unique Selling Proposition (starting with what makes most unique selling propositions not so unique)

• Work out your product matrix, including tips on how to introduce value-added add-ons and passive revenue opportunities

• Build your sales funnel to take prospects from contact to contract

• Create the ultimate customer experience that taps into the emotional side of selling

• Build in support mechanisms in both your business and family lives

• Put together a one-year tactical action plan!

Digital Download: $37