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Rainbow Success Story

I had the pleasure of meeting Carla Young and Christie Schultz at my first big trade shows the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this past October.  They were both lovely and beautiful and oozing with confidence! Being my first event (and it’s a big one) I was feeling just a tad overwhelmed at the task ahead of me.  How was I going to get anyone’s attention in a million square foot building filled with hundreds of companies!?  Then Carla walks into my booth…

Of course I knew who she was because I had been following her on Twitter for months!  She might be petite but she sure has a big presence…she immediately began giving us suggestions on how to maximize this event.  Carla was the one that pushed me along to go and talk to one of my idols Dr. Greene even though I was hesitant about it.  That meeting turned into a great opportunity for me because Dr. Green loved my Today I Ate A Rainbow kit so much that he asked me to be a guest blogger on his popular website!  This lead to increased sales and more credibility for me, which was fantastic.

If that was the end of my story that would be impressive enough…however Carla also met a baby planner at a media event for the show and she told her to be sure to check out the Today I Ate A Rainbow booth.  Sure enough Desiree came over and immediately loved our rainbow kit!  She did a short on the spot video interview for her blog and left with a kit to try at home with her kids.  She was so impressed with how well it worked that she pitched it to Disney Family Fun magazine!!!! We didn’t know about this until we started getting emails from the people at Disney Family Fun magazine (it was fun to see Mickey Mouse on their email signatures lol) fact checking for a future issue.  What?!?!?  Our small company from Canada was going to be in Disney Family Fun magazine?!  I spoke with Desiree the next day and she confirmed that the piece she wrote about us was going to be in the magazine.

On January 13th we started receiving orders with the special Disney discount code…it started as a trickle first thing in the morning and then turned into a full blown raging river by the end of the night that hasn’t stopped.  Since the magazine came out our sales have surpassed our previous 6 months combined!

Thanks Carla, next time we meet in person I’ll buy you lunch 🙂

These successes that I’ve experienced have shown me how powerful networking can be and how amazing it is to be a part of a community of women that are so supportive and encouraging! Carla and Christie have both been so kind and supportive of Today I Ate A Rainbow…I feel very lucky to know that they have my back!

Kia Robertson

Founder and Author, Today I Ate a Rainbow

Entrepreneurial Moms of Kelowna Member